We offer the finest selection of seasonal beans of Arabica, Robusta and Pea Berry.

The difference

Tanzanian coffee has a bright, vibrant acidity but with a smooth, creamy and buttery body and a lingering aftertaste. The Pea berry beans are twice as vibrant and with more developed flavours – you can expect more pronounced fruity notes and even hints of cedar.

Although the aroma of this coffee is chocolaty and almost tobacco-like, the flavour only has small notes of chocolate and sweetness.

These beans are best when roasted medium for complex, fruity flavours or dark for velvety caramel sweet flavours.


AA Plus Microlot NITIN
Cupping Score: 85.5
District: Ngorongoro
Coffee Varietals: Kent and SL27
Altitude: 1,700 meters

Fruity aroma, sweet flavor with deep dark fruit undertones, prunes, a clean and sweet aftertaste, delicate acidity, and smooth body.


AA Plus Microlot USHIRI
Cupping Score: 86
District: Rombo
Coffee Varietals: Nyasa and bourbon
Altitude: 1,450 meters
Cup profile: Caramel and malty aroma, balanced sweet flavor, East African wildness, winey acidity, and a rich buttery body.

Pea berry

Peaberry Plus Microlot MWIKA
Cupping Score: 86.75
District: Moshi Rural
Coffee Varietals: Nyasa and bourbon
Altitude: 1,200 meters
Cup Profile: A berry and fruity aroma with flavours of sweet intense fruits, tea-like tannins, raspberry jam, clean and sweet aftertaste, crisp acidity, and a smooth body.

Pea berry

Peaberry Plus Microlot USHIRI
Cupping Score: 86.125
District: Rombo
Coffee Varietals: Nyasa and bourbon
Altitude: 1,450 meters
Cup Profile: Delicate, very sweet flavour with hints of fruit tones, red licorice, clean and slightly fruity aftertaste, with muted acidity and a smooth velvety body.


Bukoba Robusta AA
Processing -Washed
Coffee Grade -AB
Growing Altitude -1500-1900m
Screen Size -95% over screen 15

This cup shares many qualities of a premium Kenya at the lighter roast points. It is a very bright and citrusy cup which gives it a very high rating in the coffee world. At the lighter roasts you get a those wonderful citrus tones with just a hint of a sweeter caramel bottom, very crisp and clean.

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