Our story

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About us

Bayona Coffee is one of Tanzania’s licensed coffee bean dealers, exporters with a reputation for quality that is unsurpassed. The company customer’s base includes major coffee exporters and roasters in Europe, America and Asia.

Our mission

To become a trusted and leading coffee brand in Africa.

Bean Varieties

Office locations

Our values

Customer Center:
Seek to understand and enhance the value of our customers.

We approach our customers and suppliers as equal, long term partners seeking mutual benefit.

Under a warm and open atmosphere, we approach our producers & business partners with humility, honesty and enthusiasm.

We are committed to offer a quality product and service at all times.

Our vision

To be a leading coffee bean exporter in East Africa.
And to become an internationally recognized coffee exporting firm.

Our Team

Spread around the world with our mutual passion for bringing people together.

Michael Muijsers

Michael Muijsers

Managing Director

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Michael, founder of Bayona Coffee has a strong background in sales and business development with various multi nationals in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

His passion and skills for business geared him towards creating his own business. Thanks to his father being part of the diplomatic corp at the UN, Michael got exposed to a great circle of cultures whilst growing up. This formed his perception of doing business, think local, act global!

As the appointed global managing director of Bayona Coffee, he navigates the company through local and international expansion. Paving new partnerships in the world of coffee roasters and importers around the globe!

Raul Bayona

Raul Bayona

Managing Director East Africa

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Raul, the other founder of Bayona Coffee & brother of Michael has the role of Managing Director East Africa.His entrepreneurial spirit drove him at a young age to create and manage other private ventures in the local business scene.

In his own words ‘’ We are genuinely customer-centric, we are genuinely long-term focused, and we genuinely like to invent. These are the qualities that drive him in business.

Raul’s hands on mentality and keen business knowledge of the region make him the perfect person to strengthen our position as a premium raw coffee bean exporter.

He grew up in the Kagera region, where our Arabica-Robusta coffee beans come from, which makes him a true ambassador of our commodity.

Dunstan Ross

Dunstan Ross

New Business Development Director

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Dunstan, An Insurance and Corporate finance professional with a wide range of experience in the Natural Resource, Agriculture and Aviation industry. 25 years working in the financial services industry, from start up companies to large PLC’s. Spent the last 10 years focused on infrastructure, agriculture and natural resource projects in Emerging Markets. This has been in both private and public sectors, of which last 10 years primary focus has been in Sub Saharan Africa.